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We are very happy to publish this customer statement from Caroline. Caroline lives in Great Britain and has been coloring her hair for a number of years, but please read yourself:


I love Hairprint! It not only colours my hair well, but also is great at conditioning it.

I am 54 and started colouring my hair when I was 45. For maybe 4 years I used normal chemical hair dye that initially was fine but as the time went on didn’t do my hair any good at all. I lived in Australia for a year in this time and the combination of the chemicals and the sun made my hair very dry and brittle.

As soon as I started using hairprint my hair became shiny again like it used to be. I have thick shoulder length hair and one is enough for me.

I always knew that chemical hair dye isn’t good for your health long term so am so happy that I am no longer exposing myself to chemicals like this. I also read how much hair chemicals affect the environment so am very happy that I can help in this way.

The only negative is that using the hairprint is very time consuming and messy like all colouring products and it would be so good to have it done in a hair salon, but this isn’t possible at the moment in England.


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